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01 July 2007 @ 11:32 pm
Just when I'm getting used to the fact that my family is lazy and doesn't really do much, and I'm getting used to the cabin fever by finding things to do and other ways to entertain myself, my family suddenly pulls a work ethic out of nowhere...

Erm, anyway, I said once I got out of class I'd start really working hard on getting this Tree People thing all nice and written up.  I already had a page or so.
Well, class ended a wek early because my teacher was lazy my paper apparently required no revisions.  Unfortunately, that didn't change my work schedule much.  I spent most of the week catsitting, posting to Zelda, and doing some chores that my parents suddenly discovered.  When actually writing I have had the same concentration problems that plagued me when writing papers for class (although I got more done because I didn't have to worry about organization or devloping a thesis).

I got a whole lot done today.  I'm currently at 2448 words.  I might be able to finish tomorrow if I can deal with beeing cooped up in a corner in the hottest room of the house for several hours at the hottest time of day two days in a row.  Right now I think my creative juices are running a little dry.

Oh, and the Tree People call themselves Taraki.  They grow from Tari trees.