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18 May 2007 @ 08:43 pm
Hullo from the Jessie!  
I'm working on what is looking like it's gonna be a 70,000 word novel... I have about a third of it written, and the rest plotted out pretty thoroughly (ignoring the sections on my outline that say things like "IMPORTANT THINGS GO HERE!"). But before I can do too much more, I have a lot of character work I need to do, to strengthen the characterization of a few characters, especially one of the secondary characters (who, I completely admit, is my very favorite in the entire story), Ayden. So instead of working on my novel, I'm going to be doing some quick fiction bits for him for the next few weeks, using a chart of prompts I got from bodyandsoul100 (I'll be keeping my personal chart going here, at my writing journal). I recommend that community for some good prompts... they're just single words, but I've enjoyed working on the theme sets for another character of mine from a different project, and am excited to try using it for The Long Road Home. One thing I'm worried about is that I already don't like my main characters as much as my secondary characters, and this might strengthen that. Do you guys think I should maybe do these prompts for my main characters instead, to make myself get more used to writing them and hopefully liking them?
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Ossobucopeacebone on May 19th, 2007 08:33 am (UTC)
Those 100 prompt things are a really good idea for fleshing out characters (I'm doing a similar one, though not affiliated with any community, for some of my World of Toisian characters).

Well, I've always found that the more I write a character (and the more I figure out their backstory, their thoughts, what they're going through, et cetera), the more I like them - so if you want to like your main character more, I would suggest writing more about them or from their POV. Maybe you could split the prompts up between the characters, or just write whichever character it is that speaks for a given prompt.